EXCLUSIVE: The D.O.C. Stands With Eminem In Beef With Melle Mel After Diss Track Drops

The D.O.C.

AllHipHop caught up with The D.O.C. to hear what he had to say about Eminem dissing the legendary Melle Mel.

The D.O.C. maintained his support for Eminem amid Slim Shady’s feud with Hip-Hop legend Melle Mel. The Death Row Records co-founder reacted to Eminem’s Melle Mel diss in an interview with AllHipHop’s Chuck Creekmur.

“There is no any of us without Mel,” The D.O.C. told AllHipHop. “But I think Mel was voicing his opinion and he’s a gladiator in this sport as well. So, he should have known if he thought the little kid was going to be afraid of him, you can only push the little guy around so long before he feels like he’s in a corner and got to do something. I think Eminem did what he thought he was supposed to do and I stand by Em and what he did.”

Eminem took aim at Melle Mel on “Realest,” a new collaboration with Shady Records signee Ez Mil. The track dropped months after Melle Mel scoffed at Billboard ranking Slim Shady as a Top 5 rapper of all time.

The D.O.C. had no issue with Melle Mel but thought Eminem’s diss was justified. The respected rapper, best known for his classic album No One Can Do It Better, was excited to see how Melle Mel responds.

“I don’t know whether Melle Mel took s###, that’s not my concern,” The D.O.C. said. “They writing raps. I look forward to Melle Mel and seeing what he got to say after that. Maybe that’ll bring Mel back to the forefront in a way where he can get in and get his point across.”

Eminem accused Melle Mel of taking steroids on “Realest.” Em labeled the Furious Five member a “juice head whose brain is half destroyed.”

Listen to the track below and look out for AllHipHop’s full interview with The D.O.C.