USHER Reveals Teen Son Stole His Phone To DM PinkPantheress

Usher PinkPantheress

Naviyd Raymond got to meet his favorite artist.

USHER recently took to Instagram Stories to reveal how his 15-year-old son, Naviyd Raymond, linked up with PinkPantheress. The interaction between the teenager and the pop star started with a direct message from his dad’s account.

“So, a week or so ago my son, Naviyd, stole my phone so he could [direct message] his favorite artist @pinkpantheress,” the 8x-Grammy Award winner wrote.

USHER added, “Now I just so happened to check my DMs earlier this past week and saw a message exchange from someone with a Powerpuff girl as their profile pic. So I’m like the hell is this.”

The father of four then explained how he discovered that Naviyd messaged  PinkPantheress on Instagram. USHER eventually reached out to the “Boy’s a Liar Pt. 2” hitmaker to apologize, which led to her inviting the family to one of her shows.

“But because he did the MOST just to connect with her on my account… I had to act like he wasn’t allowed to go,” USHER stated. “BUT… because my son is such a fan of her artistry… I decided to let him go.”

USHER also shared a photo of Naviyd Eli Raymond with PinkPantheress. Will Naviyd’s sneaking tactic to meet the British singer lead to her collaborating with his dad?