YesJulz Vows To Fight “Misogynist Yes Men” In $8 Million Battle Against Ye

YesJulz is ready for a legal showdown with Ye and his “Misogynist” team as legal drama heats up.

YesJulz has taken a defiant stance against threats of an $8 million lawsuit by Ye, the artist formerly known as Kanye West.

The controversy traces back to YesJulz’s dismissal from Ye’s team, allegedly due to her violating a non-disclosure agreement (NDA) by engaging with Ye’s fanbase online.

Their dispute centers around YesJulz’s involvement in the roll-out of Ye’s new album, “
Vultures 1, which she helped market and promote.

“One thing I won’t do is sit here and let a group of dick riding, misogynist yes men go out of their way to slander my name in an attempt to ruin everything I have worked my ass off to build from scratch over the past decade,” YesJulz retorted, showing no signs of backing down in the face of legal threats.

YesJulz’s work included documenting Ye’s album roll-out endeavors, such as the much-discussed Las Vegas listening party, which she broadcasted on Instagram Live.

However, her contentious NDA violation allegedly occurred during a Twitter Spaces conversation, where she sought to entice fans into collaboratively developing a “Yeezy Universe” app, an idea that had no backing or approval from Ye or his team.

The situation escalated when Ye shared a letter online from Milo Yiannopoulos, Yeezy’s chief of staff, announcing YesJulz’s termination for NDA breach.

YesJulz responded with a terse message: “F### an NDA. Sue me.”

Ye’s team has since issued a statement indicating they were prepared to sue for damages “in excess of $8 million.”

Despite the looming legal battle, YesJulz remained unyielding, and asserted her innocence and determination to fight back. She also dropped more details and videos on her Snapchat account.

“The audacity for a company ran by someone who posts screen shots to over 20 million people at his leisure, without consent, to attempt to intimidate a former team member with a ridiculous lawsuit with basis claims of over $7million in incurred fees for breaking a doc that was never signed is truly laughable,” she snapped earlier this morning.

“This is my life, my livelihood, how I take care of my entire family. I will never back down. I never signed that NDA. & I have proof,” she claimed, suggesting that the dispute may have more layers than initially apparent.