Have We Seen The Last Of The Fugees? Seems So.

The Fugees are one of the greatest groups ever, even though they had a limited run. The word on the street is they just performed their last show together.

Over the weekend, The Roots hosted the Roots Picnic in Philly, where the talented Lauryn Hill took the stage to commemorate the 25th anniversary of her iconic album, The Miseducation of Lauryn Hill. The whole thing appeared to be a glorious affair, for the first day of the event.

Fans in attendance got an unexpected treat – a reunion of The Fugees. But, there was a somber cloud over the affair.

During her performance, L-Boogie told the crowd that The Fugees’ 25th anniversary plans were ruined by COVID-19. Still, she managed to reunite the crew – Pras and Wyclef Jean popped up. QuestLove really fueled the idea that this is the last show for the New Jersey-born trio. He had a caption that said just that in his live feed of their performance. Is this the end??? Kids, if you never heard The Score, do yourself a favor and get familiar. It came out more than 25 years ago, but it is a true classic.

Anyway, introduced her former band members to the audience, calling them her brothers. Together with The Roots, they treated fans to timeless classics such as “Zealots,” “Ready Or Not,” and “Killing Me Softly With His Song.” These dope moments took place within Hill’s set. I managed to catch a lot of it from my phone thanks to QuestLove.

So…was QuestLove capping with “The last Fugees show?” Probably not. We all know the deal with Pras.

So, here’s the deal with Pras. You see, he has some serious legal trouble hanging over his head. Back in April, he got hit with a guilty verdict on 10 different charges, including conspiracy and acting as an unregistered agent of a foreign government. Crazy stuff, right?

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Before the verdict came down, Pras was accused of funneling money from this Malaysian financier named Low Taek Jho. And get this—Low Taek Jho is now on the run, like a real-life fugitive. Anyway, Pras allegedly moved that money through some shady donors and ended up using it for Barack Obama’s reelection campaign back in 2012. The Associated Press even says that some of that cash was used to try and cover up a Justice Department investigation later on. Yikes!

Now, this isn’t a slap on the wrist kinda situation for Pras. He’s looking at a potential 20-year prison sentence. Yeah, you heard that right—two whole decades behind bars. We got the scoop on that. David Kenner – yep the attorney that used to work with Death Row Records – is fighting in his corner.

So yeah, things are pretty intense for Pras right now. And all this drama happened right before The Roots Picnic show. Keep Pras in your prayers. By the way, he is not a snitch or informant! If yall don’t get it together! Read the real on that here.

I am hopeful that this was just hyperbole. I know that Pras is fighting like hell for his freedom and definitely is appealing the verdict against him.