Hip-Hop Rumors: Cassidy Has HIV/AIDS?! Beyonce Preg?!

DISCLAIMER:   All content within this section is pure rumor and generally have no factual info outside of what the streets have whispered in our ear. Read on. CASSIDY HAS AIDS AND GAVE IT TO THIS GIRL!!!!!!?????WHAT!?   What in the b##########!?   Read this from a chick that supposedly slept with Cassidy!!!!!!   I […]



All content within this section is pure rumor and generally have no factual info outside of what the streets have whispered in our ear. Read on.



What in the b##########!?


Read this from a chick that supposedly slept with Cassidy!!!!!!


I have some important information about the rapper Cassidy that girls need to know. I met cassidy some time last summer at a concert he was doing in Philly. After the concert he invited me and my friends to play pool with him and his friends then we chilled at one of his homeboys house. The pictures are from this day we met. He wasnt anything less then a gentlemen that day so we exchanged numbers. We talked for a few months and saw each other when ever we could. It was usually at my apartment in Philly. A couple times I drove up and we met at a hotel in Hacknsack NJ. I was never able to go to his house because his babys mother and kids were there. The very 1st time we had sex he didn’t want to use a condom but I insisted. After a while we built up trust and he convinced me not to use one. The BIGGEST mistake of my life. I learned I contacted HIV from him.


When I confronted him about it he denied it but could not hide that he seemed very worreid and admitted to having unprotected sex with other girls he said they were clean. I found out later to from a friend of mine who knows a philly stripper named Porsha that he has unprotect sex with strippers and video hoes on a REGULAR BASES. Well that was the last time I spoke to him ofcourse. I am the biggest IDIOT in the world for trusting and believeing this dirty lying a$$ hole. I KNOW it was from Cassidy he is the only one i had sex with near the time and the ONLY one I did not use a condom with.


I DON’T KNOW WHAT TO SAY TO THIS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!






You know these rumors come a dime a dozen, but I thought I’d just say it since it may just be right. Even thought I’m sure its not. Rumor has it that Beyonce may be with child. I read one site that claimed that it was 100% true and presented the following details. I think I am going to start making up rumors if these other sites can and then get quoted. WTF! Anyway,  the Huffington Post risked its credibility to report it so I guess I will follow their lead.  Congrats to Jay-Z!!!!!!


It will be cool that Beyonce’s child and brother will be about the same age too.

POOR GRAND MA!!!!!!!!!


I know a lot of you complain about this stuff, but I have a blind item. I cannot  put a name to this, but maybe you can figure it out. There is an old woman in the South…not the deep south, but the south. And she is about to be evicted out of her home. She’s been maintaining for many years, but she had a terrible house fire in her last residence that destroyed everything. She had a temporary residence after that, but the owner of that home has to put her out due to the affects of the recession. Grandma has no place to go. Her GRANDSON is one of the BIGGEST things in  Hip-Hop. But dude didn’t have a great relationship with his father and it is my assumption it MAY have matriculated to his father’s mother too. There is a tricky spot here.  I am hearing that the mogul /rapper is unwilling to help his paternal grand mother  in her dilemma.  It is my OPINION that he doesn’t know her plight since she and he are so distant and she is in an extremely rural area. She’s got some friends that are trying to get at the mogul, but they aren’t having much luck. If I can, I  will help…but I’m not sure I am big time enough. 




I fairly well-known Blood Gang member is “confirming” a rumor that I  heard a while ago! Granted, there is no proof, but the rumors are very strong and were a couple years ago. The rumor is: Chris Brown is a Blood. Now, this particular person continuously referred to Breezy as Chris Blood. So…is that proof? NO. But to me it seem to be smoke  to the apparent fire that existed a ways back.  Or maybe I am reaching?




This is nothing new, but it sure is interesting. Or is it? I will let  you decide. So, from what I heard all the Maybach Music dudes like Gunplay, Torch, Masspike Miles and Bang ‘Em Smurf’s Feed Da Wolves’ Domination and others got together down in at a club in NYC. They did some shows and and they are all headed down to ATL to link with Ross to work on their albums slated to come out this year. Also, Ross seems to be working with Diddy too and the pair may be looking to do some business in the music biz. Looks like Diddy really does  look at Ross as the new Biggie Smalls.


Shout out to Mikey T!




On his Facebook, he said “I knew it would come to this…didn’t want tobut n****a don’t get the picture till the weapons are drawn.”



Where will this all head?  Its very interesting from a beef point of view, because they really do have some history.


Click here for the rest of the “beef…”



 Damn. Yukmouth’s chain is reportedly for sale.

I am  hearing this Tiger Woods dude is very happy that this Jesse James issue has popped up. LOL!

Man, I didn’t even put this in my “signs” but did your hear about Richard R. Finch co-founder of KC and the Sunshine Band? Dude had hits back in the day and he had some more at the expense of underage boys. Dude admitted to having sex with teen boys. WRAP CITY.


Rihanna and Matt Kemp are about to start shacking up in her house.


Prince owes about a half a milli in back taxes. Uncle Sam gets that money. WOW! They didn’t write one damn song either!


What does Banks mean when says this: “Justin Timberlake, Timbaland, Lady Gaga — you’re hearing so many different records, it makes you want to expand as an artist and get records that’s enjoyed by all people. They’re definitely gonna hear those kind of records from me too.”-Lloyd Banks to MTV.


I heard RZA and Q-Tip are gonna be on the new Kanye West CD. I smell a classic.






I may add that the “redneck rapper” has informed me, through  and associate, that he is not a redneck, but a HILLBILLY.  No hate, no hate! Click here to see it. Now here is the new question. Who is the better rapper: WAKA FLOCKA OR BB GUNZ (The Hillbilly rapper?) I got into a heated discussion with somebody! I want your view on this one!



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What’s wild is BB Gunz hit me on email and thanked me for the opportunity. He’s not such a bad dude.  I guess I gotta get my contest going, yea? I want to give back so look for the illseed rap contest to start next week.




I am the epic fail of the day, as I now am a rapper. If Diggy and Waka can do it, I’ll be damn if I am not gonna try to get my 15k  a show and deal at Atlantic.



Shout out to Demetrius in H-Town!




I’m not sure what this is all about, but it sure is crazy. I feel very vanilla and square when I look at this.





Man, this dude…I swear. I couldn’t even get mad at dude on this one. Ya’ll know, I am a Bush Basher. But this is to be expected of the Bushies. Dude was shaking hands in Haiti and wiped his hand on Clinton’s shirt after doing so.




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Looking good!



They keep us talking, but if we stop talking about them then they should worry!


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