Lil Reese Laughs At Almost Getting KILLED!

Lil Reese was shot last month and is all jokes with a fan under his comment section on Instagram.

Last month Chicago rapper Lil Reese posted a picture of himself with stitches on his neck after being shot. 

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He let fans know that he was voiceless, but didn’t lose his life.

Fans were also promised some new music after Reese posted to Instagram that his upcoming single, “16 Shots” is on the way.

Under his Instagram picture a fan asked if he could he do a “16 shots” cover. Reese responded saying, “no they hit my truck 16 times shot 24 shots miss 23.” 

Looks like Reese is either trying to make light of the situation or he’s trying to sound good af! 

Reese has been arrested numerous times on possession of marijuana and possession of a firearm. 

The Chicago rapper recovered pretty quickly, thankfully. Maybe that’s why he is so giddy about the situation. 

A lot of people would be laying low, but Reese is active on social media and making jokes. Hmmm.

What’s even crazier is they still have not caught the guy who shot Reese in broad daylight!

What do y’all think about this?