Lil’ Wayne Will Give Fans “Mixtape Weezy” Amid Retirement Rumors


Is Lil’ Wayne retiring or not is the question the music industry and fans alike want to know.

Lil’ Wayne recently took to Twitter to reveal that he was defeated, defenseless, and pretty frustrated in regards to not being able to release his music. He even seemed to hint that he’d be hanging up the mic.

The rapper appeared on Skip Bayless’ “Undisputed” show earlier this morning, where he revealed he was not retiring from music. Wayne said he sent out that infamous Tweet after a heated argument with Cash Money’s CEO, Bryan “Birdman” Williams.

Despite the possibility of Wayne’s retirement, he’s also informed his fans that they will get a piece of “mixtape Weezy” back as he revealed his ‘Dedication 6’ tape is on the way. According to LilWayneHQ, Wayne stated,

“I’m working, currently working on it as we speak. I’m going to find some time to get with DJ Drama when it’s right and then give it to the world!”

We wonder will Wayne ever resolve his issues with Birdman!