Rick Ross And Fat Joe Pull Up As Papoose Takes Over DJ Kay Slay’s Drama Hour

DJ Kay Slay

Rick Ross and Fat Joe pulled up to pay respects to Kay Slay by way of The Drama Hour, hosted by Papoose!

The Drama Hour was where I used to get all my hardcore raps and saw the streets of New York for what it was. And that was Kay Slay the Drama King’s doing. The program ran for over 20 long years on Hot 97. Well, as you know, Slay died a little over a week ago from Covid-19. He fought for four long months, but ultimately died. We are continuing his legacy in a number of ways.

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Papoose, the one-time young upstart MC and Kay Slay protégée, is now the host of the Drama Hour. I suppose they decided to jumpstart the important show again as a celebration. In the first show, Pap brought in Rick Ross for a chat and he made it clear they are uplifting the 55-year old Hip-Hop DJ/ magazine publisher and graffiti writer.

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Fat Joe…also pulled up.

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I am not sure if this is going to be forever or just for the here and now in-tribute show. I actually think if would be good to keep it going. New York could use that burst of energy and since energy never dies, let it be Kay Slay energy!

Kay Slay didn’t play!

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