Did Russell Simmons Just Shoot His Shot At This Supermodel?


(AllHipHop Rumors) Shoot your shot Uncle Rush!

Russell Simmons is certainly one of the individuals that keeps us entertained on social media.

One of Hip Hop’s favorite uncles surely reminded us all that he has a type, supermodels (see ex-wife Kimora Lee-Simmons).

Model Chanel Iman posted a photo of herself on vacation with a caption that said,

“My type of view.”

Russell slid in her comments saying,

“Mine too lol. Hey channel.”

Folks immediately began clowning Russell for shooting his shot and for misspelling Chanel’s name.

Russell’s daughter Aoki Lee was not happy about her dad’s antics. She also commented saying,

“Daddddddddddd stopppppppp you are so embarrassing.”

Russell tried to clear it up as a misunderstanding to the world and his daughter, but no one believes him. LOL.

“That’s our family silly lol. Yes I can’t spell. Aoki that’s ur sister and my buddy. Don’t make a scene lol,” said Simmons.

Come get Uncle Rush!

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