Tou Thao – The Cop That Helped Derek Chauvin Kill George Floyd – Might Be Missing!

Tou Thao may believe he’s joining Derek Chauvin in jail for the murder of George Floyd.

(AllHipHop Rumors) The murder of Mr. George Floyd. continues to mystify the nation. A man has been killed and there are four police officers that are culpable – ALL OF THEM. One of those police officers has been arrested but the other three are still out and about free to roam in the world. Thing is, they are not because they are clearly scared of the rioting and the potential for violence that is out there. They may legit her KILLED! 

All of this is extremely ironic considering those cops are the ones that were violent to Mr. George Floyd. Nevertheless, here is the rumor. The Asian police officer, Tou Thao, is reportedly missing in action. He is the one that was positioned directly in front of Officer Derek Chauvin and Mr. George Floyd as life left his body. Thao is the officer that provided an intimidating blockade from anyone – most notably the young lady that videotaped the mess – that may have even thought of intervening and preventing the senseless, illegal murder of George Floyd. The word is the Thao officer has left the United States and is now in an undisclosed location abroad. I don’t know anything about Thao, other than he is Asian and a cop that helped murder a man. Both Thao and Chauvin have numerous police brutality cases. 

Now, the assertion that Thao has taken flight all speculation – all rumors and speculation. There is no proof of this at the time of this writing, but my sources are my sources. They are talking!  It is not inconceivable that he has left the country considering he is not charged with anything. That would not be a crime right now. To my knowledge, there has not even been any sort of investigation that points towards the other three officers. Now we can say that they are not out of the woods yet because there is still the possibility that they may be charged in the murder of George Floyd like their friend in death, Derek Chauvin.

By the way, the internet is wrong on a lot of stuff. For example, Derek Chauvin’s wife, who is also Asian, is not the brother of Tou Thao, you racist bastards!!