Top 5 Best Payday Loans Online Matching Service in the USA

The days of filing paper loan applications with slim odds of acceptance are over.

It is never easy on the heart when you can take care of your necessities; this gets harder when you require emergency finances. In such cases, having online payday platforms that can lend you money is your best alternative. Any emergency purchase or payment, including for food, bills, and other expenses, may be made with the help of this loan.

Although payday loans are intended to be returned within a short period, the fact that you may renew them makes it simple to get caught in a never-ending cycle of debt. The best payday loan matching providers are listed below.

1. Viva Payday Loans 

Viva Payday Loans offers online matching services in the US. It takes a few seconds to apply for a loan, two minutes for feedback, and the payout (within an hour). Anybody may apply for the packages offered through this loan-finder; thus, they are not exclusive. 

They offer loan amounts ranging from $100 to $5,000, so individuals can borrow funds for the small need to little additional cash to get through the month for those who need to pay a higher price. The interest rate is usually low at 5.99% but may rise to 35.99%. There is also a convenient repayment option, with loans generally repaid in 3 to 24 months.


  • Loan sums range from $200 to $5,000
  • Payout on the same day
  • The process of applying and getting approved online is quick


  • Available in a few states.

2. Heart Paydays

Obtaining guaranteed payday loans may appear difficult for many unemployed Americans. Fortunately, payday loans like Heart Paydays distinguish themselves from the competition in this area by assisting Americans who don’t have jobs but are eligible for requirements.

Heart Paydays Loans offer loans varying from $100 to $5000 on their websites. Loan terms range from three to twenty-four months, and interest rates of 5.99% – 35.99%. 

On the Heart Paydays site, applying for guaranteed rapid payday loans is fast and straightforward. Simply submit the online form, then wait two minutes for a response!


  • simple online application procedure with prompt approval. 
  • Payout occurs the very next business day.
  • Borrowers with poor credit are eligible.


  • Late payments are subject to a fee.

3. Money Lender Squad

This platform links borrowers with lenders through a network of payday lending companies. They offer loans with periods ranging from three months to two years. While their loans don’t demand collateral, they may be expensive.

Application processing is swift, and the platform is simple to use. The funds are released the next business day after the bank authorizes a loan. Borrowers with terrible credit or no credit history are eligible for loans.


  • There are loan term extensions.
  • The process of applying for a loan is easy.
  • A guarantor is not required for the application procedure.
  • If there is a difficulty, a group of money lenders will intervene to assist.


  • A lower credit score is linked to higher interest rates.
  • The maximum APR is more significant than 400%. 

4. Very Merry Loans

Regardless of your credit score, this website offers loans of up to $5,000 for two to three years. Customers can choose a loan amount and a flexible payback schedule.

To apply on this platform, you must provide your information on an application form. You must sign a loan agreement upon approval before the lender may wire money into your account within 24 hours.

Although rates differ amongst lenders, Very Merry loans often have an annual percentage rate (APR) range of 5.99% to 35.99%. Very Merry Loans allows borrowers with bad credit and jobless people may also apply for loans.


  • Borrowers with poor credit are eligible
  • Quick payment.
  • Quick online application and response times.


  • Some states don’t offer these services.

5. Credit Clock 

Credit Clock’s portal connects customers with a network of reputable payday loan lenders and provides loan matching services.

On this website, borrowers with low incomes, poor credit, and those without jobs can apply and be approved for loans. In contrast to typical banks, Credit Clock provides loans without performing a credit check.

This platform is easy to use, has a straightforward application procedure, and responds quickly. 


  • simple application procedure online.
  • There are several lenders in numerous states.
  • One to twelve months of flexible lending terms.


  • Not accessible in Connecticut, Arkansas, Montana, or New Hampshire, among other states.


The days of filing paper loan applications with slim odds of acceptance are over. Instead, you may use your mobile device to submit an online loan application and receive approval in minutes. The sites mentioned above provide outstanding and quick loan matching services, and you may acquire payday loans with a same-day payback from them.