DJ/Producer Kristan de Graaf Is Hitting the Top Charts With His New Album “Palabras”

Kristan de Graaf’s new album, Palabras, is now out on Spotify and will soon be hitting the charts.

Music has been an important part of our lives as far back as history goes. Many artists have made a name for themselves in the industry and won their audience’s hearts by producing amazing music. However, most of them have had one thing in common: the ability to weather tough days to chase their dreams. Dreaming big did prove to be the best decision of their lives eventually. 

One of these DJs/producers is Kristan de Graaf. He has been the youngest DJ crowned as the No. 1 DJ in Asia’s Most Talented DJs competition. He made this possible at only 18. Kristan has had his objectives set since a very young age, and they have helped him grow. His journey to success is an inspiration for many.
Kristan’s advice to others is to follow your heart and do what you truly believe in. Investing 100% is important and pays off. Kristan has multiple awards as a DJ/producer on Spotify.

His collaborations with big names in the industry have helped him get the right recognition and a chance to showcase his talent. After a decade of producing high-quality music and touring the world, Kristan announced in 2018 that he would be taking a break from the festival circuit. This deeply saddened his fans when he broke this news to a massive crowd of 80,000 people. However, Kristan knew that this was just a short break, and music mattered the most to him, so there would be a comeback. 

Today, Kristan is happy to announce to the world that he is officially returning to music, and his new album has expected to hit the top of the charts. Being able to once again regain his position as one of the best DJs and music producers is liberating and feels amazing. His new album, Palabras, is now out on Spotify and will soon be hitting the charts. Kristan’s audience is thrilled about this, and his fans are excited to see him take the stage again. His passion has led him this far and helped him create wonderful memories.

While taking a break, he invested in a business revolving around luxury cars and yachts. In this industry, he set the standards high and run his business very professionally. This was based in Dubai and generated a lot of revenue for him. This lifestyle change improved his life and gave him a chance to learn more. 
His brand was able to expand and have more than 60 supercars and a fleet of 30 superyachts under one umbrella. This was an achievement in itself for Kristan. His ability to work hard toward the things he’s passionate about has resulted in fruitful outcomes. 

While ensuring that his business reaches its maximum potential, Kristan will also be focusing on producing music like he always wanted to. People like him are an inspiration to many around the globe. His journey has proved that anything is possible if you’re dedicated enough. Kristan is a role model for this generation’s up-and-coming artists, creators, and entrepreneurs.