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Tevin Tales – “Just Like That”

Everybody needs a ride or die in their life who’s going to take care of them and cater to all of their needs. Toronto singer Tevin Tales found his in Vancouver and she went so hard for him, he wrote a song about her. Produced by Troy Williams, the Canadian crooner harmonizes his way through… Read more »



JoeyG. – “NOSPACE”

Teaming up with the likes of Major Seven, Frankie P, STREETRUNNER, The MeKanics, Daniel Worthy, Sonaro and other talented in-house producers including LLama, FrankeL, and 24/7, JoeyG. gives us a glimpse* at the last 3 years of his life in one project. For the Brooklyn based emcee the message is simple, keep going, be resilient… Read more »