trina - fuck boy vid screen shot

Trina Gets Into Altercation!

You know they called Trina the baddest b*tch back in the day? Yeah, they did and now I am wondering why. I thought it was for her looks, but it may be due to her hand skills. It all went down in Miami – in the club. Don’t people know nothing good happens in the… Read more »


Young Thug, Thugger

Listen Up: “Best Friend” Lyrics Are Deciphered By Young Thug? (Video)

Photo Credit: YouTube Whether referencing Socrates or Dr. Seuss, Hip-Hop’s MCs and rappers speak for the people. From the conventionally educated to the corner PhDs waxed words have worked to connect a global audience. What happens when those words become garbled and verge on unintelligible? [ALSO READ: The Wait Is Over: Young Thug Drops New… Read more »


the game

Game Wants To Help Out Kanye: I’m Not Mark Zuckerburg, But I Got You!

Photo Credit: Instagram When it comes to Game’s social media posts he is a magician. Many of his interactions have a mysterious way of disappearing. Earlier today (Feb. 17), the Compton lyricist — who is currently on tour — logged onto his official Twitter and demonstrated his fleeting generosity. The “Hashtag” MC offered to assist Kanye West’s… Read more »