EXCLUSIVE: Alchemist & Evidence Talk Lord Steppington, Anti-Aging Remedies + More (VIDEO)


(AllHipHop News) With hilariously brag lyrics such as “never had a pretty woman keep me in the friend zone” littered throughout their upcoming debut album Lord Steppington, it is completely normal to end up discussing anti-aging techniques with Evidence and Alchemist. In an exclusive interview with AllHipHop, the brothers of step discussed

It’s 2014 and both men, who have each been in active in the music industry for over 15 years, understands their penchant for pop culture references could be be lost in generational translation. Evidence explains why he rapped “we got to move these refrigerators/we got to move these color TVs” on the chorus for “Mr. Kimble” from Lord Steppington:

That reference is from a group called Dire Straits. That song [“Money For Nothing”] came out in 1984.

Even with the changing age of the hip hop listeners, the pair have always remained relevant. Evidence says the physical preservation is all due to a rather unorthodox method:

The fountain of youth is p*ssy juice. If you put p*ssy juice all over your face, you wash your face and you bathe in it, you won’t age. Have chicks sit on your face as much as possible.

Check out Alchemist have a sudden bout of narcolepsy, their list of favorite duo’s (Chewbaka and George Lucas make an appearance) + more in the full video interview below: