Kid Cudi Tells Fan To “Gargle On My Mayo” Over Criticism For Wearing Dress On “SNL”

Kid Cudi

Someone shared a clip of Kid Cudi’s “SNL” performance and compared it to “an illuminati humiliation ritual,” prompting him to respond.

Kid Cudi served as the musical guest on Saturday Night Live on April 21, 2021, performing “Sad People” and “Tequila Shots.” For the former, he donned a floral dress in the spirit of Nirvana frontman Kurt Cobain—and caught plenty of flak for it online. More than two years later, Kid Cudi is still defending his choice in attire. On Monday (January 1), someone shared a clip of the performance to Twitter (X) and wrote, “Kid Cudi participating in an illuminati humiliation ritual…Is the fame and fortune worth it…? #WeWantAnswers.”

Kid Cudi replied, “Dear Issac u silly stupid lil person and all people under this post. Its the start of a new year and I got time for muthaf###as like u today. This post is mad f###in lame of u and sad. A black man cant express himself and be confident AND successful with out it being some conspiracy. My success was givin to me by God with the help of my many angels.

“All u people in the commenfs that have been tweetin me all day about this s### can gargle on my mayo. This moment was a proud moment for me, a shinin moment for all people who express themselves in their art. I felt free and alive, it inspired people and nothing u stupid simple a##es say can take that away from me. Happy New Year u f###in simp.”

Kid Cudi’s SNL performance also got a significant amount of praise at the time. The dress was created by designer Virgil Abloh, who has since died. Cudi revealed its origins via Twitter, writing, “Virgil designed the dress for me. I told him I wanted to show love to Kurt [with] a floral print sundress and this man made a masterpiece. Thank You @virgilabloh ur a f##### genius!! Love you man we did it!!!”

The appearance also fell on the same week as the anniversary of Cobain’s death at age 27. As one fan wrote, “Kurt Cobain was a precious soul. During a time that it was popular to shame things that went against society’s idea of normal, Kurt embraced them and advocated for them. Kid Cudi paid homage by doing the same thing. I truly LOVE to see it.”