Meek Mill Responds To Dee-1 Criticizing Him For Glorifying Violence While Promoting Social Justice Reform

Meek Mill

The “Lyrical Eazy” MC still raps about murder.

Meek Mill has released countless street anthems. He has also partnered with several billionaires to launch the Reform Alliance, an organization working to change probation and parole laws around the country.

One fellow Hip-Hop artist recently shared his thoughts on Meek Mill’s transition between rapping about street life and promoting social justice reform. New Orleans native Dee-1 addressed Meek and his MMG mentor Rick Ross on Sway In The Morning. He also mentioned Jim Jones of the Dipset crew.

“Jim Jones, you can do better, brother. I love you too much to not be honest with you. Rick Ross, you can do better, brother. Meek Mill, you can do better, brother,” Dee-1 stated. He then added, “I love you too much to not be honest with you. Are you the face of prison reform? Or are you sitting here on your new song with Ross talking about getting somebody murked and shot at the red light?”

Additionally, Dee-1 said, “But this man was glorifying getting people killed as of a week ago. Like, what are you doing, bro? Lil Snupe really got killed, that broke your heart. You wear him around your neck. Why are you glorifying the same thing?”

Addarren “Lil Snupe” Ross, a musical protege of Meek Mill, lost his life to gun violence on June 20, 2013. The up-and-coming Dream Chasers Records rapper from Jonesboro, Louisiana was only 18 years old at the time of his murder.

Meek Mill & Rick Ross Prepare To Drop A Joint Album

“I don’t call you out because I got a problem with you, man. Like, I wish we could go get lunch right now, me and any of them,” said Dee-1.

He continued, “I love you too much to not be honest with you. That’s what it is, bro. So yeah, if anybody feels bad about being called out, it’s like, let’s talk. Let’s talk about it and let’s just figure out what we can do better.”

Meek Mill got wind of Dee-1’s comments. In response, the Dream Chasers leader posted on his Instagram Story, “Nah, we do everything, lol. I was rapping this way when I became the face of reform… That’s how I got there, y’all forgot that fast.”

Rick Ross and Meek Mill reunited to drop the upcoming collaborative Too Good To Be True studio album on November 10. The project will likely host the tracks “Shaq & Kobe” and “Lyrical Eazy.” Dee-1 released his UNO album on September 8.