Ray J Admits Brandy Checked Him Over “Dirty” Looking Face Tattoos Video 

Ray J Brandy

Ray J received a call from big sister Brandy who told him to take down a video he posted revealing his new face tattoos.  

Ray J revealed his sister Brandy reached out to him over his face tattoo reveal video because she was concerned over his appearance. 

The multihyphenate recently debuted some new facial ink, sparking concerns from medics. His new tattoos include the names of his children, Melody and Epik and the logo of his new TV network Tronix

However, it wasn’t just his friends and doctors who were worried about him. On Wednesday (April 24), the 43-year-old entrepreneur took to Instagram Live to discuss the reaction to his ink. Ray J revealed that Brandy isn’t a fan of his new tattoos or his disheveled appearance in the video.  

“My sister hit me and said, ‘Yo, that post that you posted, take that s### down,’” Ray J recalled. “She said I didn’t look clean; I look dirty. My mouth was chapped, I got white s### coming all out my mouth.” 

Later Ray J admitted he was grateful for Brandy’s intervention, and he heeded her advice. “My sister is mad at me because she doesn’t want my face tattoos,” he added. “She doesn’t want me to come online irresponsibly. And that’s why I love her.” 

Although he took the video down, it had already been clipped and widely shared online. 

“A lot of people think I’m going through some kind of crisis,” Ray J continued. “I appreciate y’all support for praying, but it ain’t like that.” 

According to Ray J, the tattoos symbolize his transformation from artist and entertainer to multi-media entrepreneur.  

“I’m never going to audition for s### ever again,” he explained. “Why would I audition for a movie when I could just shoot my movie and put it up and make money.” 

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