Westside Gunn Reveals Eastside Flip—Who Graces The “10” Album Cover—Overdosed

The lovable Buffalo native was then brought back to life, arrested and back out on the streets in less than 48 hours.

Westside Gunn is undoubtedly impressed by a particular Buffalo native who seems to have at least nine lives. On Saturday (December 31), the Griselda mastermind revealed Eastside Flip—the man who graces the 10 album cover—had overdosed. While Flip survived, his saga was evidently just beginning. As Westside Gunn explained in a tweet: “Flip OD’d on the Block, took to the hospital brought back to life, was released. Then got locked up and already out since last night #LEGEND #EASTSIDEBUFFALOSHIT.”

Speaking to AllHipHop last month, Westside Gunn talked about Eastside Flip’s penchant for drugs and debauchery.

“He’s been on a lot of my projects as skits,” he said at the time. “He’s my guy. He’s just the neighborhood fiend, a bit of a crackhead, but he’s a cool dude. I took him down to Miami Art Basal last year. He got arrested and everything. He hit a cop. He’s crazy. I’m actually going to see him today. He’s crazy as f### though. We shooting a video today and he’s just a loose cannon. Everybody in my whole city knows Flip.”

In fact, Eastside Flip has his own Instagram account and apparently raps. As one person noted in the comments: “I wish flip could get clean and take rap serious and rap with Griselda as a lil career for him, have him become a motivational speaker to the fiends in the hood of Buffalo and all over! He could start programs and shelters for the homeless and former drug addicts.”

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Whether Eastside Flip will take another route remains to be seen, but it appears Westside Gunn is ready for a change. On Friday (December 30), Westside announced he was retiring in a series of tweets.

“23’ def my last year doing this s###,” he wrote. “I don’t have nothing else 2prove, I put my team on, I put my city on, I worked w/everybody I ever wanted to work with, plus MFs still don’t even understand 1-10, FLYGOD, Awesome GOD, or Pray for Paris(mind u Virgil did the cover) im the [GOAT].”

He continued: “I know I say I’m a retire all the time so ppl might be like he always say this,” he wrote. “Seriously I been thru so much with this s### behind closed doors y’all would never know, it’s brought more pain than joy I’m just so G that I make it look super easy but I fight these devils everyday.”

Before Westside Gunn officially bids adieu to rapping, he has a few loose ends to tie up. In honor of Eastside Flip, he decided to post a snippet of his forthcoming video for “Super Kick Party,” which stars—yep!—Eastside Flip. Watch it below.