Is Azealia Banks Facing Eviction From Her Miami Mansion? Rumor Heats Up And Can’t Be Extinguished!

Azealia Banks

The Barbz are having a field day! It seems Ms. Banks needs to pay closer attention to her own business affairs.

Azealia Banks could be out in the cold this winter since the Harlem native was supposedly evicted from her Miami mansion

The elite detectives of the internet have found that she tried to swerve a process server who was sent to deliver the court-ordered eviction notice.

Despite not wanting folks up in her business, she’s never had an issue speaking about other people’s problems. According to the streets, a process server arrived at the residence looking for Ms. Banks. Instead, they were met by an unidentified woman who refused to give her name or any information on Banks.

If you didn’t know process servers will stop at nothing to make sure people know legal problems are catching up to them. The process server began looking through trash in front of the house. I guess no one ever taught Ms. Banks about the importance of ripping your name off old mail. The process server found a USPS box with her name on it.

The unknown woman did her best to play fireman and stop the legal heat from growing. Sis sprayed the process server in the face with a fire extinguisher. A second woman came out of the house to get a good laugh in.

No one was laughing after the server called Miami-Dade Police, and they identified the second woman as Azealia.

The Barbz are sipping this tea slowly as the jokes sweeten the hot cup like raw honey.

This response here is SAVAGE! But she has a point. Based on the documents, Banks is not the property owner. The property owner is suing her. We don’t know if it’s for unpaid rent or housing unauthorized.

Either way, let this be a lesson to all, understand the terms of your lease.