Kodak Black Says Jackboy’s Street Credit Is Fradulent

Kodak Black

The world may never see the day when Kodak Black and Jackboy are cool again.

Things aren’t what they seem concerning Jackboy’s rap sheet—according to Kodak Black.

Kodak has called out his former artist once again, this time claiming that his entire persona is actually fabricated. While Jackboy was on Instagram Live recently, Kodak decided to jump in the comments and air out his friend-turned-foe’s past legal issues.

“You stole outta Sports Authority and went to Julie came home a gangster,” Kodak wrote in a comment followed by, “I made you.” Jackboy seemingly found the sneak diss to be comical and even pinned one of Kodak’s comments.

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The beef between Kodak Black and Jackboy has been brewing for years, with one of the main reference points for the feud being a similar situation on Instagram Live. In August 2021 the pair of rappers got into a heated argument on live during which Jackboy alleged he beat down Kodak while rapping one of his songs to him.

Whether any of this is true, I’m sure we will never know. No matter the case, this is yet another rumor that Jacckboy will possibly have to battle—even though he has his hands full already tussling with the Bandman Kevo BBL muscles gossip.

Anyway, check out the clip below.