Lil Mama Is In Hot Water Over “Transphobic” Remarks

Is Lil Mama transphobic? You decide!

I think social media’s gonna be the death of some of these people! Lil Mama is back at it again. I’m not sure what she’s thinking she’s doing but, this is not the hill to die on! The rapper talk to Brother Rizza about transsexual affairs, most namely children. I’m not going to offer an opinion on that, because that is not the point at this particular moment. But she offered her opinion, and that opinion has incensed a number of people in the LGBT+ community. What she said Is basically, that kids under puberty are not in a position to decide if they can have a sex change. But don’t get me started, here is exactly what she said.

I have already seen what happened to her when she stepped out of line. She was banned from all sorts of platforms for a very long time. And, quite frankly she has been getting dragged for quite some time. In fact, I believe this started a week or so ago. This is a clip that folks are circulating in support of their feeling that she hates trans.

But let me try to get to the bottom of this.

So, now she is considered transphobic. But I will say this: Lil Mama is not biting her tongue. in fact she’s doubling down on her opinions. And that is going to be very interesting, because most people are not saying anything. The dialogue, as I see it, is primarily being conducted over social media outlets and that person to person.

Some of the LGBT folks that I know are infuriated, and yelling back. Some are more reserved but in vocal disagreement with what has been said by the rapper. David Johns is fuming, but he gave a measured response. 

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This is the documentary that Rizza mentioned.

We still don’t know if Lil Mama is pregnant.

Is Lil Mama Pregnant?