Diddy Pens Birthday Post To Kim Porter—Turns Comments Off As Online Slander Continues


The Bad Boy Records mogul’s ex and mother of three of his children died in 2018 after complications stemming from pneumonia—but social media thinks otherwise.

Diddy woke up on Friday (December 15) with at least one thing on his mind—Kim Porter. The Bad Boy Records mogul’s ex and mother of three of his children died in 2018 after complications stemming from pneumonia. In honor of Porter’s birthday, Diddy shared an Instagram photo of himself kissing her cheek and the caption, “We miss you so much Kim! Happy Birthday Beautiful! Love forever.”

Of course, Diddy has been dragged through the mud over the past month for a series of sexual assault allegations that began with another ex, Cassie Ventura. Ventura filed an explosive lawsuit in a Manhattan federal court on November 16, accusing Diddy of rape, physical abuse and a litany of other outrageous claims. Needless to say, Diddy left the comments off on the Kim Porter post, likely to avoid what’s happening elsewhere on social media when it comes to his name.

As someone wrote on Twitter (X),”Mase really said to Diddy a year ago: ‘Karma gave him daughters for what he did to Kim Porter, may the day he dies that he rest in p### water.’ And nobody tripped off that.” Another wrote, “So I just learned that not only was Kim Porter obvious murdered by Diddy, but apparently the autopsy person who initially ruled it a homicide, also mysteriously died. And then the ruling was mysteriously thrown out and changed to ‘death by pneumonia.’ I hope Diddy dies in prison.”

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Following Ventura’s lawsuit—which Diddy settled out of court less than 24 hours later—Al B. Sure and Kim Porter began to trend on social media. In 2020, Al B. Sure, who is Porter’s ex and father of her son Quincy, suggested Porter didn’t actually die from lobar pneumonia. Instead, he believed she was murdered.

As he wrote in a since-deleted Instagram post, “The morning of the @soultrainawards @BET pre production @jessecollinsent #AlBeez around the [world] I just found this footage from the morning I learned of @LadyKP’s aka #KimPorters murder and how it ripped the soul from my physical body. I was on my way to film the pre show packages for the #BETAwards with @tishacampbellmartin & @tichinaarnold when I receive a call from PR icon #QueenieDonaldson asking me if I was ok and did I hear the news.

“I had no clue. I do know very clearly that #Kimberly didn’t just check out all of a sudden over neumonía. That’s some b########. Really? This is where I get in trouble. We just celebrated our son @Quincy’s new deal and Christmas special with @Netflix, and she was in fantastic health as well laughing seeing me and @Diddy’s mutual exchange at the theater. I’m going to leave it here.”

Al B. Sure never explained what led him to that conclusion, but the court of public opinion has its theories. As someone tweeted, “But when Al B sure was saying something happened to Kim porter nobody wanted to listen then he got sick suddenly… y’all should’ve listened…. They rekindled before she passed.”

Kim Porter went into cardiac arrest at her Los Angeles home in November 2018 after battling pneumonia. The coroner later confirmed Porter had succumbed to lobar pneumonia, an inflammation of an entire lobe of the lungs. During Porter’s private funeral in her hometown of Columbus, Georgia, Diddy said, “God broke the mold when he made Kim. There was truly no other woman like her.”

In a joint statement, Diddy and Porter’s families added, “Although her time here on earth was far too short, she lived a life full of purpose and meaning. She was a loving mother and devoted friend. She was the epitome of kindness and grace. There wasn’t a person she met [whose] soul she did not touch. Kim was the type of woman who changed lives for the better.”