Diddy Tells Gunna To Prepare For A Return In Prison Call 

Diddy is urging Gunna to “be laser focused,” while behind bars telling the incarcerated rapper to get ready to make a comeback.

Diddy is encouraging Gunna to keep his spirits high behind bars while awaiting trial in the YSL RICO case

According to reports, the rapper’s legal team filed a third motion for bond last week. Judge Ural Glanville denied previous requests for a pretrial release after prosecutors raised concerns about witness intimidation. In their latest filing, Gunna’s attorneys argued the prosecution has “not succeeded” in producing evidence for his continued detention.  

Over the weekend, Diddy posted a video on social media of a recent conversation with Gunna. The Hip-Hop mogul shared his sympathies but encouraged the 300 Entertainment artist to “keep the faith.” 

“I’m praying, man. I’m praying,” Diddy said before Gunna replied: “Yeah, that’s it. They gonna work. I’m doing nothing but preserving myself and keeping my mind together and getting myself right for when I’m back out there.” 

Gunna remained positive, adding, “it’s part of the journey so I have to just understand that.” The DS4Ever hitmaker said he’s focused on “making sure I’m prepared for when I do come out.” 

Diddy Gives Gunna A Pep Talk

Diddy then shared some words of motivation with Gunna, urging him to “be laser focused,” during his incarceration.  

“Empower your mind every single second, stay in a high frequency. Know that it’s gonna be alright, it’s for a reason that you don’t even know about and just get ready for your return. You got some good time in there to be laser focused and do a lot of positive things and dream big and bold.”  

He added: “Know that I’m praying for you and my God answers my prayers, when I put that special prayer on. And you deserve that. You’re a beautiful person, and beautiful brother and I can’t wait to see the things you do when you come out and you get back, king. I love you.” Watch the video below. 


If Gunna is denied bond for the third time, he will remain behind bars until the start of his trial. However, Gunna’s attorney Steven Sadow is “very hopeful” the court will grant “a reasonable bond.” The trial is scheduled to start in January 2023.