U.K. Drill Artist Digga D Reportedly Arrested & Banned From France After Brawl With Security 

Digga D

Digga D alleged he was beaten up by “corrupt” French authorities who arrested him for fighting with a security guard.

Digga D found himself in trouble with the law during a recent trip to France after getting arrested. He was also banned from entering the country for twelve months following a fight with a security guard. 

The West London drill artist took to Instagram Live to explain the events surrounding his arrest. The clip opens with Digga D displaying a bump on his forehead. “I’ll be honest with you, man got smoked by a security guard,” he admitted. He got into a physical fight with the man before cops showed up and arrested him. Check out the video below.

Digga D Blasts “Corrupt” French Cops

The “Pump 101” rapper then claimed that French police beat him up during the arrest and said he’s “banned from France.” 

As the video continues, a man with a French accent is heard urging Digga D to complain about the cops before they “destroy the evidence.” He also explained that he might not be able to press charges against the French authorities due to the time elapsed. “I didn’t know they were corrupt over here like this,” Digga D said before telling him “Ceclia” would be in contact.  

Digga D was likely referring to his lawyer Cecilia Goodwin, who appeared in a documentary about the prominent U.K. artist. The film centered on the 2018 Criminal Behaviour Order imposed on Digga D after his conviction for conspiracy to commit violent disorder. The ruling was the first of its kind in the U.K. and affected the type of music he released. According to Cecilia, this gave authorities the ability to control and censor his art. 

It appears Digga D was detained overnight in France before emerging from the station unaware of his location.  

While the alleged ban will affect his plans to work in the country with local rappers, he remained resolute. “You win some, you lose some, he explained at the end of the video.”This country is foul.”