Future Supports Atlanta Kids By Launching STEAM Lab In His Old Neighborhood


Future’s I Am a Dreamer lab provides students with science, technology, engineering, arts and mathematics education.

Future gave back to his community by creating a STEAM Lab for students in Atlanta.

The rapper’s Freewishes Foundation opened the I Am a Dreamer lab in the Kirkwood neighborhood. Future and his foundation went beyond the STEM staples with a program that features the arts.

Future’s sister Tia Wilburn discussed the I Am a Dreamer lab in an interview with ABC News. She explained why the program included the arts in addition to science, technology, engineering and mathematics education.

“A program that incorporates the arts into the curriculum has been proven to increase creativity,” she said. “Additionally, by Future being an artist, it’s important that we introduce students to career paths that land under the arts. We want to be sure that kids get that exposure to the arts. And it’s just really important, so that’s why we made sure to include it.”

ABC News spoke with Christian Phillips, a student enrolled in the program. He expressed his excitement to learn about entrepreneurship, robotics and gaming before revealing his acting aspirations.

“My dream is to be an actor,” he said. “And I feel like this program will help out to pursue my dream.”

Learn more about Future’s Freewishes Foundation here.

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