EXCLUSIVE: Lil Wayne’s Lawyer Asks For Sentencing Delay Over Gun Charge

Lil Wayne

Lil Wayne’s lawyer is asking a court to give the rapper a little more time before he is sentenced for having a gun on his private jet back in 2019.

Lil Wayne may have to wait a few months before he learns his fate for having a gun on his private jet last December. 

The rap star’s lawyer Howard Srebnick has revealed his request for a January sentencing date for possessing a loaded Remington 1911 .45-caliber gun in a bag on his private jet in December of 2019 was overly ambitious. 

During Lil Wayne’s first hearing on December 11th, Srebnick proposed an accelerated sentencing date for January of 2021, which was court-approved.

However, Wayne’s lawyer just submitted a new request to the court asking for the rapper’s sentencing date to be pushed back.

“Given the press of other work-related matters and family events during the several weeks following the plea, undersigned’s proposal was overly ambitious,” Howard Srebnick wrote to the United States District Court, Southern District of Florida. 

Lil Wayne’s lawyer said he is working on a case pro-bono over the next few weeks, while his staff will be unavailable thanks to Christmas and the New Year’s holiday. 

Wayne’s lawyer has already been in touch with prosecutors, who have agreed to draft a sentencing memorandum and organize the evidentiary presentation for a hearing in January, but the rapper will have to wait another month before he receives his actual sentence.

The rapper is facing up to 10 years in prison for the offense, although his plea agreement will certainly result in a reduced sentence, yet there are no guarantees.

Prosecutors are planning to recommend a sentence of imprisonment at the low end of the guideline range, however, Wayne’s admission of guilt can only help his case.

“The court is required to consider the advisory guideline range determined under the sentencing guidelines but is not bound to impose a sentence within that advisory range,” according to the plea agreement Wayne signed. “The court is permitted to tailor the ultimate sentence in light of other statutory concerns, and such sentence may be either more severe or less severe than the sentence in guidelines advisory range.”

After consulting with United States prosecutors, both parties have agreed to a sentencing date for early March of 2021. 

Although the judge has yet to sign off on the day, Lil Wayne’s lawyer suggests he should be sentenced on the afternoon of March 2nd, 4th 9th, or the 11th.