NBA YoungBoy & India Royale Trade Shots Online After Lil Durk Tries To Woo Ex Back 

Lil Durk India Royale NBA YoungBoy

NBA YoungBoy and India Royale exchanged words on Twitter Tuesday after Lil Durk confirmed he wants the mother of his daughter back.

India Royale and NBA YoungBoy clashed online after the Baton Rouge rapper seemingly addressed India’s split from the father of her child, Lil Durk. 

Earlier this week, Durkio paid tribute to his ex with a post wishing her a happy birthday on his Instagram Story. He also admitted to messing up in the relationship and announced that he’s waiting for India to return.  

“I f##### up. She played a small part. She is really a good girl who live[s] life. I am a good guy, good husband,” he wrote. “I just never listened to her pain back when she was pregnant with Willow in the belly.”  

He continued, “So, I ain’t perfect. But I am perfect for you. I love you, and I am all ears whenever we get back into a relationship. You saved my life with you, Willow, and big Sky; out of all my kids you was there.”  

Lil Durk also urged fans not to troll India Royale, adding, “Don’t attack her. She is the best in the world.” 

However, it appears his nemesis NBA YoungBoy didn’t heed the warning. “Lol damn I know how it be when that hoe turn to a demon,” YoungBoy tweeted Monday (Mar. 13), using his alleged burner account. 

While he did not address India directly, she fired back with a flurry of tweets. “Don’t speak on me b####. I let you slide the first time,” India tweeted. “That’s still my BD. Ion play about him. Y’all can chill. Fr.” 

In another tweet, India Royale came for NBA YoungBoy’s Street credentials. “Ppl think because they was dirty and in the hood they automatically gang. You wasn’t toting no guns, you was food deprived,” she stated. 

She later clarified her tweets were aimed at NBA YoungBoy. “I’m talking about dent head,” she said, referring to his 2022 single. “That lil boy need to find somebody to play with. You was just a dirty lil bad kid. You ain’t like that Fr.” 

In a follow-up tweet, NBA YoungBoy also confirmed he was addressing India Royale, sharing a screenshot of the Realer 2 cut.  

“😂b#### I know 1 thing you ain’t gone muthafucking play with me,” he wrote. 

Meanwhile, Lil Durk has remained silent over the spat between India Royale and NBA YoungBoy. However, he took to Instagram with a video encouraging others to “get in your feelings ‘bout your hoe.” 

Check out Young Boy and India’s exchange below.  

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