U.K. Rapper Lady Leshurr Charged With Assaulting Woman In Street Fight  

Lady Leshurr was charged with two counts of assault after an altercation with two other women on a London street this weekend.

U.K. rapper Lady Leshurr will appear in court later today (Oct. 24) after being arrested following a street fight this weekend.  

The Birmingham artist who rose to fame in the U.K. with her Queen’s Speech freestyle series was arrested on suspicion of assaulting a woman during a fight on an East London street in the early hours of Saturday morning (Oct. 22).  

Footage of the arrest began circulating on social media. Cops led Lady Leshurr away in handcuffs before later charging her with two counts of assault occasioning actual bodily harm. 


Police said two 27-year-old women were taken to hospital following the altercation. They have since been discharged. 

Sherelle Smith, 28, was also arrested alongside the rapper, whose real name is Melesha O’Garro. She was charged with one count of assault occasioning actual bodily harm. They are both due to appear at London’s Thames Magistrates’ Court later today. 

Witnesses reported being awoken in the middle of the night by a “screaming match” between Lady Leshurr and two other women. 

“Lady Leshurr’s friend tried to pull her away to go back into the house after an argument,” one resident told U.K. tabloid The Sun.  

“One of the girls she’d been arguing with was in a car, and Lady Leshurr jumped into the car and tried to get her out.”  

Earlier this year, Lady Leshurr made headlines after she called out Cardi B. She accused the NYC rapper of using the beat and idea from one of her songs without crediting her. 

While last year Leshurr claimed she was offered $352,000 by her record label to call Nicki Minaj out on a diss track. However, she turned it down despite the huge sum because she was such a fan of Nicki.